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Honorable Mentions

The following caches have been nominated for Cache of the Month but have not yet won.

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476 caches are COTM honorable mentions

Cache Name Month(s) Nominated  
NES FINAL - Game Console   January 2015 Series of the Month
where\'s my thing?   January 2015 Southeast Zone
Wise Choice   January 2015 Southeast Zone
Raspberry Bush TB hotel   January 2015 South Central Zone
Wildcat Mountain: WGA State Park Series   January 2015 West Central Zone
A Walk in the Park?   January 2015 Northeast Zone
Amongst The Cattails   October 2014 South Central Zone
Hard to find3   July 2014 Northeast Zone
Devil's Crack   June 2014 Northeast Zone
Around and around oui oui go   June 2014 Northeast Zone
OUCH!   May 2014 Southeast Zone
Mascoutin Valley Trail   April 2014 Series of the Month, November 2011 Series of the Month
Mario Kart Final Lap   April 2014 Southeast Zone
River rat playing a mountain goat   April 2014 South Central Zone, February 2013 South Central Zone
Countryside Clue Series   March 2014 Series of the Month
Unknown Cache April Geo Idol Of The Month - SEVEN CARDS   February 2014 Southeast Zone
The Cookout   February 2014 Northern Zone
Wakely Cache   November 2013 West Central Zone
MVC-Valley View   November 2013 West Central Zone
LettermanTripped   November 2013 Northeast Zone
Urban Myth | My Blood e-Valentine   September 2013 Northeast Zone, November 2010 Northeast Zone, November 2009
Lessons in Modern Cartography, #5   August 2013 Southeast Zone
Drive-In Movie   August 2013 Northern Zone
CC's Rainbow Shape Sorter- The End of the Rainbow   July 2013 Series of the Month, April 2010, March 2010
Stevens Point's Brewery on the Yellowstone Trail   July 2013 West Central Zone
Field of Dreams   June 2013 Southeast Zone
Rock Splitter   June 2013 West Central Zone
History of Buckhorn State Park   April 2013 Series of the Month
No Tools Required   April 2013 Southeast Zone, February 2013 Southeast Zone, January 2013 Southeast Zone
Duplicate Bridge Tournament, Rematch   April 2013 Northeast Zone
Ella's Island   March 2013 Northeast Zone
Fire Engine #1   February 2013 Series of the Month
Rattle This Box   February 2013 Northeast Zone
Great Pumpkin Series   February 2013 Northern Zone
North Country Trail: Juniper Rock Overlook   February 2013 Northern Zone
Community Garden Series   January 2013 Series of the Month
Let's just STICK to Conversions   January 2013 West Central Zone
WSQ Caching is in my Bones   January 2013 West Central Zone
Tri County School Forest Series   December 2012 Series of the Month
View From Above   December 2012 Southeast Zone
Where's George   December 2012 Southeast Zone
Mycology 101   December 2012 South Central Zone
tree, TREE, Trees   November 2012 Northeast Zone, October 2010 Northeast Zone
Cache the Fever   October 2012 South Central Zone
The Rock   October 2012 South Central Zone
Camelot Art Festival   October 2012 Northeast Zone
Cranberry Bog Earthcache-Manitowish Waters   October 2012 Northern Zone
Rush Lake View   September 2012 Northeast Zone
Kings & Queens   August 2012 Southeast Zone
Hog Wild (Tribute)   July 2012 West Central Zone
Room 2 Roam Series   June 2012 Series of the Month
Crystalline   June 2012 Northern Zone
"By Itself Alone" Cache   May 2012 South Central Zone
You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille   May 2012 West Central Zone
Airport View   May 2012 West Central Zone
GB PACKER HALL OF FAME: Rick Blick #5   May 2012 Northern Zone
Easy to Find - The Final (Not So Easy)   April 2012 Series of the Month
The Old Homestead "Rock Formations"   April 2012 South Central Zone
Swamp Buck Hunter   April 2012 Northeast Zone
zeros to heroes   March 2012 Series of the Month, February 2010
Fern Gully   March 2012 South Central Zone
Goliath's Bison   March 2012 Northeast Zone
Point Detour   March 2012 Northern Zone
Pirate's Cache   February 2012 Southeast Zone
Knock on Wood   February 2012 West Central Zone
Kinas Duo   February 2012 Northeast Zone
Merlin's Major Feat   January 2012 Series of the Month, June 2011 Series of the Month
Naitre, Mourir, Renaitre Encore-Tapping WI History   December 2011 Northeast Zone
2X2L calling CQ, is anyone on the air?   November 2011 West Central Zone
Bridging Badfish   October 2011 South Central Zone
Adorable   October 2011 West Central Zone, May 2010
Everyday Numbers: Size Matters   October 2011 Northeast Zone
Ed's Lake   September 2011 Series of the Month
Laughing Waters|You're Outa Here   July 2011 Series of the Month
Robin Hood   July 2011 Southeast Zone
Picnic Point Cache   July 2011 South Central Zone
Levis mound rock formation   July 2011 West Central Zone
Saxeville's Rebel Bell-OWS   July 2011 Northeast Zone, August 2010
Lucky You - went fishing   July 2011 Northeast Zone
Neva Cemetery - Wisconsin Spirit Quest   July 2011 Northern Zone
The Quest of Camelot - Wiscowsin   June 2011 Northeast Zone
Go.Deep   May 2011 Southeast Zone
SHIFT_MADCityXOC   May 2011 West Central Zone, July 2009
Tributary | Byte my ASCII   May 2011 Northeast Zone
O.C.H.#7: Stiles-The Old Iron Bridge   April 2011 Series of the Month, May 2010, April 2010
Can You Count?   April 2011 Series of the Month
Welcome Cachers   April 2011 Series of the Month
Death's Door   April 2011 Northeast Zone
Another Walk In The Park_ Series   March 2011 Series of the Month
PAF Final: The Number You Have Reached   March 2011 Series of the Month
Snaking Down The Trail   March 2011 Southeast Zone, February 2011 Southeast Zone, January 2011 Southeast Zone
Rock River You Evil Monkey!   March 2011 Southeast Zone, March 2011 South Central Zone
Ring Exchange   March 2011 Southeast Zone
Hidden Valley Cache   March 2011 Northeast Zone
It's Only a Pipe Dream   March 2011 Northeast Zone
Center Creek cache   March 2011 West Central Zone
Tim buk to the brule   March 2011 Northern Zone
I Have Seen The Light!   February 2011 Northeast Zone
Templar Treasure   February 2011 West Central Zone, December 2010 West Central Zone
Walk on the Wild Side Series   January 2011 Series of the Month
Woodpecker Series Lake Mills   January 2011 Series of the Month, December 2010 Series of the Month, December 2010 South Central Zone,
Just Out Of Reach   January 2011 Southeast Zone
Where Eagles Fly   January 2011 Southeast Zone
Rock of Gibralter II   January 2011 Northeast Zone
Let's Go Dutch   January 2011 Northeast Zone
"Caddie" Woodlawn   January 2011 West Central Zone
Gandy Dancer -- Frederick Krueger!!!!!!   January 2011 Northern Zone
Shore Would Be Nice If I Won!!!   December 2010 Northeast Zone
Chronicles | You Turn Me On   November 2010 Series of the Month, July 2009
New Hampshire   November 2010 Southeast Zone, November 2009
Driftless: Natural Bridge State Park   November 2010 South Central Zone
White River (Multiple) Crossings   November 2010 Northeast Zone
Stairway to Pettibone   November 2010 West Central Zone
Face the Music Series   October 2010 Series of the Month
Rocket Science Bonus Cache   October 2010 Series of the Month
Cat Phrase Series   October 2010 Series of the Month
Look Out!!   October 2010 Southeast Zone
Great Sand Dunes Park - America the Beautiful   October 2010 South Central Zone
Everyday Heroes | Officer Down   October 2010 Northeast Zone
Gandering at Kimberly Point   October 2010 Northeast Zone
Crabbe & Goyle v2.0   October 2010 Northeast Zone
52-Pickup - WWF #26 (Pemene Falls)   October 2010 Northeast Zone
Speaking Softly   October 2010 Northern Zone
Cheezehead's Snow-Shoe Challenge   October 2010 Northern Zone
Haunted house of Hustler   September 2010
WSQ American Pie   September 2010
Fragments of the Full Moon   September 2010
Nifty Fifty   September 2010
A Morel I Seek   August 2010
Kewaunee Historic Homes   August 2010
Oh no!! Not another Gandering!   August 2010
Sliding Away at St. Phillip Park   August 2010
Harry Angstrom   August 2010
Sliding Away At St. Phillip Park   July 2010, October 2009
Zoe's Hunting Grounds Sequel   July 2010
Not Quite the End of the Line   July 2010
Qualified in Submarines   June 2010
Awe NUTS...Another Micro!   June 2010, April 2010
National Treasure   June 2010
Just a little something.....   June 2010
WSQ The Recording Angel   May 2010
Little La Crosse River Alien Positive and Negative   May 2010
St. Marks cofie cache   May 2010
Peter Pan   May 2010
Walla Hi Multi Cache   April 2010
WSQ Calvary Cemetery Tour   April 2010
When The Cat's Away The Mice Will Play   April 2010
Neshonoc Battleship   April 2010
ST. MARKS COFFIE CACH   March 2010, October 2009
Up Down and Around the Mound   March 2010
Zöe Bro Piece | de Resistance   March 2010
Minnesota   February 2010
The Lone Grave   February 2010
The Green Lake Leprechauns   February 2010
Why Don't Woodpeckers Have Brain Damage?   February 2010
Light Beacon   January 2010
Wet Maze   January 2010
Gandering   January 2010
How Many People Does It Take To Decode This Cache?   January 2010, September 2009
Flat Jack Goes For a Nature Walk...awww!   December 2009
Bambi is safe for another Season   December 2009
Camelback Cinema | Hayao Miyazaki!   December 2009
Muggles and their Duggles   November 2009
Connect 4 - Black   November 2009
Bikini Bottom Mystery Final!   October 2009
The Balance Beam   October 2009
I C U off the I   October 2009
Wry Fry   October 2009
There's Nothin' Like a Good Book!   September 2009
WSQ Union Grove Cemetery   September 2009, August 2009
Cache 4 Clunkers   September 2009
Hand to Mouth- Cornicopia   September 2009, March 2009
Pace Yourself, Again!   September 2009
Monopoly   September 2009
A Moving Experience   September 2009
Rock Hole   August 2009
Pike Powder Hike   August 2009
Needle in a Haystack   August 2009
John & Chuck's Home for Happy Trackables/HIGHCLIFF   August 2009
MicroWave - A 21 Stage Salute!   August 2009
Historic Neenah - Old Council Tree   August 2009
Twin Bluffs 2   August 2009
The Red Herring Urban Night Cache   August 2009
WSQ Skaalen Cemetery   August 2009
Mission Impossible - Subterfuge   July 2009
Friends Don't Let Friends Cache Alone   July 2009
Triathlon: Moments of Darkness   July 2009
Mission: G.O. Cash   July 2009
The Monarch Trail   July 2009
Microwave - A 21 stage salute!   July 2009
Lookout Above III | Yup, There's an App for That   June 2009
i can see our house from here   June 2009
Cache with a View   May 2009
A Puzzling Combination   May 2009
Roter Eulenflug   May 2009
Eau Claire Hobo Camps   April 2009
The Base case   April 2009
Le Gardien de Nuit de Gaska   April 2009
Wayward Song   April 2009
Hidden Treasure   March 2009
Indian Trail   March 2009
Cache of the day   March 2009
Templar Treasure 2   March 2009
Cheezehead's Snow-Shoe Challenge   February 2009
Teamed Up: "U Can't Touch This"   February 2009
Pickled Tinker   February 2009
Hidden Treasure   February 2009
Nemesis #19 Goin' Buggy   January 2009
Marsh to the Philippine Islands   January 2009
It Wäre Me, I Shét Em!   January 2009
Just Out of Reach   October 2008
Merlin's Major Feat   October 2008
Slow No Wake   September 2008
Cache an Insect   August 2008
Lost in Josten   August 2008, January 2008, December 2007
Worst.Cache.Ever   August 2008
Laughing Waters | Entire Series   August 2008
The Lost Cache of Atlantis   July 2008
I'm in a rut - FINAL   July 2008
Seido-Toro   June 2008
Son Of A....   May 2008
Duplucate Bridge Tournament   May 2008
Dewey know the Dewey   May 2008
GA: Spiritual Awakening   May 2008
The Rock   May 2008, March 2005
quest for the ghost coon   April 2008
One Square Yard   April 2008, March 2008
Hissy Fit!   April 2008
Three Lock Box   April 2008, March 2008, February 2008
Burlington Liars Club 1-The fib   April 2008
Glacier Hills   April 2008
Pirates of the Andrean-Dead Man's Chest   April 2008
Lost in Josten   March 2008
Schoolboy Humor   March 2008
Wooly Ceramicist   March 2008
Madisons Underground Pt 4   March 2008
Bridge to no where   February 2008
PU, what a stinker!   February 2008
Blackhawk War Battlegrounds   February 2008
Black's Ravine Earthcache   February 2008
Eagle Required: Get Your Bluecard Signed   January 2008
Quest of the Oie: The Bong 5/5   January 2008
Lady of the Pines   January 2008, December 2007
BBIINNGGOO!!   January 2008
Big Sty Country   January 2008
First Baby Cacher of the New Year   January 2008
The Professor Perplexing Seed Germinates   December 2007
Mennon's Secret   December 2007
Eye Can See for Miles   December 2007
Old School - Playin Hooky   December 2007
One for everyone   November 2007, October 2007
Kettlebowl   November 2007
Grab My Stick   November 2007
WSQ: A Hundred and Forty-four Good Men   November 2007
Twelve Creepy Grottos WSQ   November 2007
Spring Lake Secret   November 2007
50 / 50 (50% Day / 50% Night)   November 2007
Lord of the Rings - A Journey through Middle Earth   October 2007
Welcome To Honeyville   October 2007, September 2007
The 1942 Philco Problematic   October 2007
Nature & Invasive I Forest Art   October 2007, August 2007
Sunday Drive Series   October 2007
MFH-01   October 2007
An Ounce of Courage   October 2007
TALL TALE 2: Sagasu's Spectacular Sunflower   October 2007
Beulah Bog EarthCache   October 2007
Tropic of Capricorn   September 2007
WSQ Calvary Cemetery Tour   September 2007
Sunday Drive Series   September 2007
Jacobus Challenge 1: Hangover   September 2007
Stone Bank's Lost N Found   September 2007
Be Like Rogheff: If There's a Will There's a Wave   August 2007
Boxed in a corner   August 2007
Harrington: Risen to Power   August 2007
Eagles Rock   August 2007, May 2004, October 2003
PS 1919   August 2007
Red Rock Cache   August 2007
The Old Trail   August 2007
Sub-Terrianian Home Sick Blues   August 2007
KVR - HILO   August 2007
Ole's Treasure   July 2007
Mr. Larrabee's Ghost (Night Cache)   July 2007, June 2006, February 2006, January 2006
Jacks' Backyard   July 2007
You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.   July 2007
Mile 49: Blackhawk Down   July 2007
RISK: Global Conquest   June 2007
Honey, I Shrunk the Cache!   June 2007, November 2004, June 2004
Seldom's Insanity   June 2007
Check it out Bear Bear   May 2007
Needle In A Haystack   May 2007
Point Detour   May 2007, December 2006
Gandy Dancer -- Good Luck!   May 2007
12 Angry Caches   May 2007, April 2007
Scooby Doo and the Mystery of Half Moon Lake!   May 2007
Real Gone | Clang Boom Steam   April 2007
Bazooka Joe Comes Unhinged   April 2007
Scarboro Creek Cache   April 2007
Catch the Fever   April 2007
Fine Feathered Friends by Moving Waters with Bonus   March 2007, February 2007
Honey Bear Park Gazebo   March 2007
geo scrabble   March 2007
Soiled Booty   March 2007
How Did You Start Geocaching?   March 2007
Riddler's Mailbox   February 2007, January 2007
Beyond the Pines   February 2007
neshonoc battleship   February 2007
Grammy FuFu's Karat Pi   February 2007, January 2007
Sam's Hill   January 2007
See-more caches   January 2007
Twin Bluff series   December 2006
The Riches of the Root River   December 2006, November 2006
A Number of Movies – Magnificent Seven   December 2006
Celebrate with a MicroBrew!   December 2006
Spinning a Yarn: Mr. Beady   December 2006
Quarry Park - Super Mario   November 2006
A little bit of paradise   November 2006
South African Fleeflammer Bird   November 2006
Moonlighting for Cache   November 2006
Ducks on the Pond   November 2006
Margaritas anyone?   October 2006
Middleton Matrix   October 2006, August 2006, July 2006, June 2006, May 2006
Devil's Lake West Bluff   October 2006
Der Schlechte Affe Geht Deutscher!   October 2006
Rush Lake View   October 2006
Going on a Geomonster & Wild Things Hunt   October 2006
Geo-Logical Puzzle   October 2006
Bjornson - Jump In   October 2006
There and Back Again – A Geocacher’s Tale   October 2006
Burlington Liar's Club   September 2006
Clue: The Accusation   September 2006
The Eau Claire: Eau Claire River Series   September 2006, August 2006
Hemerocallis   September 2006
I Can See You!   September 2006
Fast Action Response Team   September 2006
Feed the Geese   September 2006, August 2006
bog walk   September 2006
Revenge of the Gullyman – Devil’s Staircase   September 2006
Country Overlook   August 2006
Along The Milky Way   August 2006, March 2006
BobcatW98 Throws in the Towel!!   August 2006
Veterans Memorial   August 2006
Quiet Waters   August 2006
Mission Impossible-The Heist   August 2006
Three Ponds   August 2006
Be prepared   July 2006
Devil's Lake Outback Cache II   July 2006
Bertom Bottoms   July 2006
Clan of the Cave Bear   June 2006
Kettle Moraine View - Kenosha County   June 2006
Tri-cacher's Competition Challenge   June 2006
WaunaCache   June 2006
Thanatopsis Series by Chiot   May 2006
The Adventure Begins...   May 2006
Nemesis Series by Tyedyeskycrew   May 2006
Flag   April 2006
"Repent Harlequin", said the Tick Tock Man   April 2006
Millston Tower   March 2006
Watertown Mural-Mystery   March 2006
Fox Proposal Point   February 2006
Clue: The Accusation   January 2006, December 2005
Irvine Climb   December 2005
Rockin & Rolling on Gibraltar   November 2005, December 2003
Do Your Homework!   November 2005
The End of the Line   November 2005
A Journey Through Hales Corners   November 2005
The Princess and the Hedgehog   October 2005, May 2005
The Lair of the Fong Hong of Bong   October 2005
Doggone Good Fun in Verona   October 2005, September 2005
Insert Lame Pun Here   October 2005
The Woodland Indian Cache   October 2005
Rockin & Rolling on Gibraltar   October 2005
The Combination to the Ross Lodge Hike   September 2005
Mini Bush Wacker's Delight   September 2005
Double Amputee Cache   September 2005
In Search of the Legendary Moor's Coat   September 2005, August 2005
bridge to the past   September 2005
It's All Gaelic to Me   September 2005
sugar river trail...New glarus end   September 2005
Bridge to Nowhere   September 2005
On the Trail Again   August 2005
Big Bear Rocky Vista   August 2005
J C's Swamp Thing   August 2005
The Abandoned Wayside   August 2005
Kenosha County Historical Marker Series   August 2005
It Hinges on Excitement   July 2005, June 2005
The Lost Toy Box   July 2005
Rail Safety Cache   July 2005
Supple's Sails   July 2005
Insert Lame Pun Here   June 2005
Lorine Niedecker Cache   June 2005
Little Castle   June 2005
Pure Evil   June 2005
Joe Belch Ace Gum   May 2005
Feel the Need for Greed   April 2005
Baffled and Bewildered   April 2005
Slough Gundy   April 2005
Belmont Mound Cache   April 2005
Get Fit Travel Bug Hotel and Health Spa   March 2005
The Big Payout Series   February 2005, October 2004
Upriver   February 2005, August 2004, December 2003
You're Kiln Me Here   February 2005, January 2005
I LOST MY DOG!!   January 2005, November 2004
Wings Cache   December 2004
Join the Order   December 2004, October 2004
Mission Impossible   December 2004, October 2004
State of Mind Series   December 2004, November 2004
You Can't Get There from Here   December 2004
In Pursuit of Blackhawk   December 2004
Book Worm Cache   December 2004
Fox River Picnic   November 2004, October 2004
Green Is Good   November 2004
Bairds Creek Grand Tour   November 2004
Rustic Ridge   October 2004
Up or Down?   October 2004
The Picnic On The Tundra (Event)   October 2004
wizouts cave   October 2004
Blue Mounds "0"   September 2004, May 2004
Rock Lobster   September 2004
Dunn Deal Series   September 2004
Lone Stone Pillar   September 2004
East Shore Library   August 2004
Triangles and Tribulations   August 2004
Habitat 2   August 2004
OCC - Final Resting Place   July 2004, June 2004
Flambeau River Rapids   July 2004
The Leprechaun's Pot Of Gold   July 2004
Walla Hi Multi Cache   June 2004, May 2004, April 2004
Rahr Memorial School Forest   June 2004
Enigma   May 2004, April 2004
Snake Bite   May 2004, April 2004
Devils Lake Revisited   May 2004
Rainbow's End...Pot-of-Gold   May 2004
Wild Rice To Go   May 2004
Monopolize Your Time Series   May 2004, April 2004
Mr. Elver's Cache   April 2004, August 2003
Peter Cottontail   April 2004
Big Bubbly   April 2004
Salute To Stute   April 2004
And Bingo is the Namo   April 2004
The Legend of Navarino Bob   April 2004
House of Brew and the Search for the Holy Grail   April 2004
Blood Hounds Quest   April 2004
Glacier Cone Workout (GCE6C6)   April 2004
Sounds like a puzzle   December 2003
Founding Sons   December 2003
Ring of Power   November 2003
Wheel of Fortune   November 2003
Ranger Patrol   November 2003
Case Number - 0017034   October 2003, September 2003
The Three Bad Ribs   October 2003, March 2003
Rock Bridge Cache   October 2003, September 2003, August 2003, July 2003, June 2003, May 2003
Walking in Circles Seeing Red?   September 2003
Wade In the Water   September 2003
Stairway To Heaven   September 2003
Castle view   September 2003
BaCk 2 SkOOl   August 2003
Climber's Wayside #1   August 2003
Military Road   June 2003
You Can't Be Serious   May 2003
Scatterbrains   May 2003
Wheel of Fortune   May 2003
2-N-1   May 2003
Salute to Stute   May 2003
"Caddie" Woodlawn   March 2003, February 2003
The Rock   February 2003
Door Bluff Headlands   February 2003
Goosey Venus   February 2003
Pleasant Valley Goose   February 2003
Beulah Land   February 2003
Queen Amidala & Star War series  
Message In A Bottle  
Natural Exposure  


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