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Here are the most recent winnners of the WGA Cache of the Month.

Contest Name Winning Cache Name/Link Details Found by You Favorite Points
December 2014 Northeast Zone   Gov. Thompson: WGA State Park Series   [View details] Please log in Please log in
December 2014 West Central Zone   Alex Bell's TB Hotel   [View details] Please log in Please log in
December 2014 South Central Zone   WSQ Unity Chapel   [View details] Please log in Please log in
December 2014 Southeast Zone   Lobster\'s 100th Hide   [View details] Please log in Please log in
December 2014 Series of the Month   Clue Series: Who Killed Ranger Bo(d)y   [View details] Please log in Please log in

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  • Please do not nominate your own cache for this recognition.
  • Do not nominate or vote for caches that have already won (see winners list).
  • Event caches are not eligible for Cache Of The Month.
  • Series now have their own poll. Please nominate a series in the Series of the Month poll..
  • You should have found the cache and logged your find prior to voting for or nominating it.
  • A cache must have been published more than 90 days prior to being nominated for COTM.
  • Please use the correct zone when nominating a cache.
  • You may vote in each of the six polls every month.
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Below is the list of caches that have already been nominated for COTM so far this month.

Poll Name Cache Name/Link Found by You Favorite Points
January 2015 Northeast Zone A Walk in the Park?  
January 2015 West Central Zone Wildcat Mountain: WGA State Park Series  
January 2015 South Central Zone Raspberry Bush TB hotel  
January 2015 Southeast Zone where\'s my thing?  
January 2015 Southeast Zone Wise Choice  
January 2015 Series of the Month NES FINAL - Game Console  
Parts of the Wisconsin Geocaching Association Cache of the Month use the Geocaching.com Live API. .

Current list of nominees for this poll:

Ivory-billed Woodpecker
Queen Amidala & Star War series
Universal Code
The Muppet Series
Rhinelander's Ultimate Trackable Hotel
WERA 1934
Message In A Bottle
Lost Falls
Puzzle Of Books
Make Do With What You Have
Natural Exposure

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