WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - August 2009

Whimsical Tails: Raccoon

Comments on this choice:

  • "The first of the Whimiscal Tails series (from the North) and what a great series this is. Really fun tails and the finds were entertaning. I would recommmend this series to all cachers especially families. Only about 2 miles and fun, fun, fun. Took the bike and did it all in about 1 hour 20 minutes. Great for numbers runners too. Could not wait tosee what was at the next one, and so on. Would nominate the whole series but picked the first we did to list. Great job, you guys should be proud!"
  • "It wasn't just this cache alone that was so awesome, but that it's the start of a wonderful series of 17 individual Whimsical Tails caches. Each "Tail" has a cute story to go with it along with containers that are pleasing to all. I'm sure alot of time & expense went into this series. Very well done."
  • "It really looks like a raccoon and the series this cache is from is great. I can tell the owners put time into doing this cache."

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