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Cache of the Year Winner - Cache of the Year - 2009

Peanuts Series Mystery Final

Comments on this choice:

  • "Best listing graphics and best overall hides."
  • "Each and every waypoint/container matched the Peanut's character depicted. You never knew what you were going to discover. The most clever series we have ever completed!!"
  • "This series was amazing...It took us all around the Menomonee Falls area and kept us laughing and enjoying the variety of caches. It also kept us on our toes for the entire series as you never knew what type of container or level of hide you would be looking for...Type of series that is normally reserved for Cache of the Year"
  • "This whole series was just crazy good! The final was tough, but oh so rewarding!!!!"
  • "Every find was fun, different, well thought out and brought a smile to my face, well, after all the initial grumbling on some of the harder ones! A lot of thought and research went into this series, and the finds brought us to some wonderful parks. We had fun and learned insignificant trivia along the way, but you never know when that knowledge may come in handy!"

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