WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - August 2010

1050 Frog Pond

Comments on this choice:

  • "This is a superb use of an area formed by glaciers. The terrain is challenging, but not impossible. My thought upon seeing the cache was "you want me to do what after you made my legs burn to get here?"."
  • "A challenging hide with a fitting name!"
  • "Our team had a wonderful time at this cache during the Cache Bache. The pond and park are scenic. The placement is creative and ground zero is unique. Retrieval was tricky and fun! This cache had us laughing the whole time. Thanks for a cache that is so well done, Mister Greenthumb!"
  • "One of the funniest moments of my short caching career was when the young man who went out to retrieve this cache lost his balance and ended up in the pond with the frogs."
  • "Doing 50 - 60 new caches in one day they all become a blur, but the hide at the frog pond is one that stands alone. I will admit from the stories I heard, that some of us had a much easier time than others who attempted this one."
  • "I like challenging caches and this was just that. Getting down to the cache, out to the cache, and back up the hill was very challenging. I could really feel the burn on the climb back up."

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