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Cache of the Month Winner - December 2010 Series of the Month

Military Cache Series

Comments on this choice:

  • "Complete the series and you get a cool custom made "Geocacher Special Forces" patch! The hides are interesting and challenging."
  • "This was a very challenging series both in searching for and retrieving the caches. I really liked it. The location was along a nice trail as well."
  • "A very challenging series that takes you from down low to way up high. The highlight was finishing the series so I could nab a Geocacher Special Forces patch from the CO. Great fun and excitement- just enough scary to keep it interesting."
  • "I loved this series. We spent alot of time on the Marines cache but we got it. I had this on the radar for a while so we decided to hit it up.. Hitman did a great job. I just wish there would have been one for the coast gaurd."
  • "A tough series of challenging caches that are a lot of fun, teasing you to stretch way beyond your comfort zone. Completing this series will definitely PUMP YOU UP! And don't let the high terrain difficulty levels scare you away - Psyched!"

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