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Cache of the Month Winner - May 2012 Series of the Month

The Yellow Brick Road Series

Comments on this choice:

  • "It's not just the fact that it is a 6-mile walk on a great trail, it's the creativity of the containers. Excellent work."
  • "CO...gotta vote for my own:)"
  • "Great series"
  • "WOW!!! Best thought out and planned series I have ever done."
  • "This was an awesome series with a great variety at the different caches. Each one brought a smile to my face. Great job!!"
  • "This is a GREAT series. A lot of time and effort has gone into it and we loved every part of it."
  • "The Yellow Brick Road series is amazing. I would do it again, even though I already found everything, it's that good."
  • "One reason only? Clever containers. Other reasons include nice balance of difficulty and terrain, comprehensive characters from movie, amount of time put into creating and maintaining series, personal visit with cache owner on our outing there."
  • "This series is really a lot of Fun, I drove down from Rhinelander and spent the day caching with my friend Timberline Echoes, who is from Eagle River. The series is well done on a nice trail, there's enough caches to make it worth a longer road trip. The owner did a great job making the series interesting by following the Wizard of Oz theme. I highly recommend this series to everyone! Woodcarverdan, Rhinelander"

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