WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - January 2004

Caching Through The Snow
by Hotdogs_Off_Trail and Natloh2

Comments on this choice:

  • "A great event that was very well planned. The first hill left only the "true" cachers."
  • "This event, put on by just a few teams, rivaled the WGA events. Lots of time and money put into the planning and materials (and food), and a great time was had by all!"
  • "What a great event! Wonderful time of year to have a event cache. A lot of hard work went into organizing this event. Thank you!"
  • "What the cache masters did matched the level of quality of the WGA picnic. They refused donations. The temporary caches were non trivial. The food (cookies cookies cookies) was excellent. After I regained conciousness after the hike I realized that the location was amazing."
  • "The organizers did a fantastic job of planning the event, and the 14 caches were wonderful. Everyone there had a great time!"
  • "It is not everyday that you can climb and climb and climb until you can't climb anymore and come across a great cabin and wonderful people. The temp caches were phenom!!! Hotdogs and Natloh really outdid themselves. A great time was had by all!"

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