WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - January 2013 Series of the Month

Casa Oro/G15 Amazing Race

Comments on this choice:

  • "The Amazing Race was such a great series. It was all the local cachers could talk about all summer in 2012! I think that the appropriate cache to represent them is the finish line."
  • "Awesome adventure that required loads of work from the COs... it was obvious they tried very hard to make it the funnest caching experience ever! Also, the way it brings cachers together into teams is a wonderful thing. People make friends. Just can't say enough good things about this series."
  • "The entire race experience was way beyond my expectations! What a great test of caching endurance, wits and skills."
  • "Unique hide styles and containers, the element of competition, and base it all on a great show, The Amazing Race--epic, exhausting, so worth the effort!"
  • "Loved this series and for being set up with three cachers I never met before and walking away with 3 new great friends. Lots of challenging hides!"

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