WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - May 2013 West Central Zone

Badger State Challenge - 72 Counties

Comments on this choice:

  • "How has this cache never won cache of the month? A fantastic challenge that forces one to travel to every part of this great state. And then a nicely stocked, well hidden ammo can for the final. It doesn't get any better than this."
  • "The cache was nice, but the challenge that led to it was great! Two different multi-day roadtrips were enjoyed by us to knock off many of the counties, the rest we picked off one-by-one or maybe a couple at a time. Overall, very worthy of a COTM award."
  • "This cache led us on many adventures that we will never forget and we were able to see many things that we probably would never have seen otherwise"
  • "YT and the BB still talk about how much fun we had doing this particular challenge And we completed this one in 2009! Many, many adventures and memories with this one. What fun."

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