WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - October 2004

High Brass Series

Comments on this choice:

  • "Nice selection of caches with the difficulty varying as you advance in rank. Well thought out and conceived. Great effort!"
  • "This series is like a symposium- demonstrating many of the possibilities that exist in the placement of various types of caches. It takes a lot of thought to become the General of the Army!!"
  • "This was a great series with creative hides from beginning to end."
  • "What a great series! I loved the clever hiding spots."
  • "A little bit of all the good things in geocaching in one area."
  • "The High Brass Series is definitely deserving of the Cache of the Month honors. Each hide is unique and challenging. I was able to completed it with friends which made it all the more fun."

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