WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - April 2014 Series of the Month

Grundy Canyon Adventure 5/5

Comments on this choice:

  • "This is an amazing series. It is a long hike over some rough terrain but the reward it well worth it. You will see awesome waterfalls, creeks, hills, bluffs, rock formations, a canyon and a felsenmeer. If you have not done this series I highly recommend it. Guaranteed not to disappoint."
  • "This series takes you through a fantastic canyon with a beautiful waterfall. It is truly in the backcountry of WI."
  • "My log: This has been the experience of a life time! Loved all of the variety of views and terrain along this great 7 mile hike; steep hills, rock walls, bluffs, creeks, waterfalls, rolling hills, woods, fields, bushwhacking, and of course, geochatting with a great group of cachers! Gas driving up there (230 miles)--??? Night in hotel-??? Friday night dinner-??? Subway for lunch-??? Grundy Canyon Adventure Hike---Priceless!!! Thank you sooo much Team Northwoods for organizing this event, checking on your caches before we came, placing some new caches, and for being an awesome tour guide!!! This is one caching experience I will never forget! Looking forward to next year with the Blue Hills Felsenmeer Hike! TFTC and series SL as Grundy Canyon Event Cachers! Loved the final container! This whole trip is a favorite for sure!!"
  • "This was an awesome adventure. Scenic views, long hike, challenging terrain. Just about everything that attracts geocachers!"

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