WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - December 2004

Devil's Tea Table

Comments on this choice:

  • "To me this is the perfect geocache -- a nice walk that's not too far, but over terrain that gives you a little bit of a challenge. There's plenty of neat stuff to see along the way. And the location of the cache is spectacular. It's a great hide with a fantastic view!"
  • "This is the epitome of the classic hide. Just getting to the top, whether you find the container or not, is worth the trip! And finding the container? Very sneaky...."
  • "After a day of mostly annoying driveups it was great to take a longer walk to this great spot. Cache was well hidden and the bit of vertical challenge topped it off perfectly."
  • "This has all the things I like in a cache, a location with a view, a challenge of taking the right rout to the cache and a clever hide."
  • "It took me three trips to find it but I enjoyed every trip."
  • "Offered a bit of danger which made it all the more inviting and memorable. The best part was doing it with Cachew, Geotripper Mike and Cashing Out Bob."

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