WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - January 2005

Submarine series

Comments on this choice:

  • "Located in an area of the state that has few caches, but lots of wonderful natural sites."
  • "Was able to do some of this series of caches, but that was enough to recognize the effort that went into making this series successful. They were very well done and rewarding to do."
  • "Was a lot of fun and a great challenge on some of them!! Still gotta find that USS Geocache tho"
  • "There is an overwelming variety in this series. The cachmeister has put a lot of thought into the selection of locations, containers, etc. This series presents something for everyone."
  • "What can I say? Two weekends of totally fun and challenging finds. It is definitely worth the trip to pursue. The USS Geocache final is quite unique"

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