WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Year Winner - Cache of the Year - 2005

The Gauntlet, Let the games begin

Comments on this choice:

  • "What a challenge! A great "old school" cache that you have to work to complete."
  • "This one made me think outside the box. WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!!!!"
  • "I haven't gotten the chance to do this cache yet, but from what I heard and read about this cache I am planning a big weekend that surrounds the cache this next summer."
  • "Itz gud."
  • "This is my choice based on the logs of all who have attempted it. This is the cache I want to do the most. I expect the memories to last a life time."
  • "Look at the online cache logs, it tells it all!"
  • "Without a doubt, this was my favorite of the year. The fact that so many "seasoned" cachers struggled with it, made it a must do for me. The company I travelled with on the cache was of course one of the main reasons I was able to complete it. How is it possible that a single cache could have so many ways to complete it? Otter has outdone herself with this one!"
  • "If you've done this cache, the reason is obvious. If you haven't done it, then you'll never get it."

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