WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - July 2006

HBZ Series

Comments on this choice:

  • "This is a great birthday present to Zuma! Took you all over county Parks that I didn't even know were so huge. The Final was fantastic! Loved how the names were the clues. Took a lot of time and creativity. So great, we HAD to find all 50!"
  • "A most impressive series, touring many of the areas big parks. Lots of ammo boxes!"
  • "Excellent series, even though I am a bit prejudiced, I would admit. I love being able to take a long walk in a single park, spend several hours walking instead of driving. All of the caches are in great spots, and very well thought out. Thanks for an excellent series."
  • "How refreshing to find ammo boxes hidden in the woods, filled with goodies, travel bugs and geocoins. If you haven't hunted any caches in this awesome series, it would be well worth your time, energy, and gas money to do so! What are you waiting for? (smiles)"

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