WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - December 2006

Bjornson Forest Series

Comments on this choice:

  • "To pick just one cache would be impossible! Bjornson is in and of itself a cache! A stock pile of nature's beauty and awe! The caches, while all stand alone caches, are one collective cache called Bjornson!! This place just has to be experienced!"
  • "Great place to visit if ya like to climb hills, see a lot of great scenic vistas and be in the wild, and find awesome caches."
  • "This series is simply fabulous!! The area has incredible diversity, from the hills, creeks, hills, wetlands, hills, open areas, hills, huge trees, hills, and interesting geological areas (did I mention hills?). This is a top-notch area and wonderful to visit."
  • "Bjornson Forest has it all. Hills, valleys, ravines, flats, creeks, ponds, marshlands, wildlife....but most of all awesome hides. Hides that the whole family can enjoy. Tricky hides and hard hides, creative hides and unique hides. All caches are/were filled with tons of "goodies." We will be back to find the rest!"
  • "A big, beautiful area with hills, streams and wildlife."
  • "I have nominated this the last two months. This series more than deserves it. It is a fantastic series in a georgeous area that is a natural treasure. Thanks for all the work you put in to this Sue!!!"

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