WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - November 2007


Comments on this choice:

  • "It is awesome!!!!"
  • "this is a must do cache for anyone who enjoys caching on motorcyle. the road twists and turns through the beautiful hilly countryside. it is a large wooded, hilly park with beautiful country views. plus, you don't make the trip for just one cache, there are several GREAT, FUN, CHALLENGING caches hid here. But this is my very favorite cache ever because I am 55 years old and saw the one and only scarlet taninger I've ever seen in my life while seeking this cache. It doesn't get any better than that!!!"
  • "Untill you experience the location and take in the terain(HUFF AND PUFF, PANT PANT WHEEZZZ) To appreciate all the work that went into this Cache! Well done, got to do during the WGA camp out, what a great time!"
  • "A great finale to a great series of caches. I "think" I even liked the terrain challenges on this."
  • "This one takes a lot of searching in a rugged and beautiful area full of trails. Good series."
  • "A wonderful park in the Kickapoo Valley. What is not to like. Wish I could be more specific, but it's been some time since I found this cache, but I continue to enjoy the area."
  • "We did this whole series on a rainy fall afternoon and enjoyed every single one. Each took us to a different kind of spot in this wonderful state park and the final was just gravy! Highly recommend this series for those who enjoy some challenging hiking combined with great views as they search."
  • "Love Wildcat mountain. This finale cache really makes you visit the entire park and see all of the different features this park has."

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