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Cache of the Month Winner - March 2009

The Oscar

Comments on this choice:

  • "This cache series was fun, frustrating and very memorable. From solving the puzzles, to hunting in deep snow, to reading the entertaining and hilarious logs, I have enjoyed every moment, and look forward to completing the "final" and accepting my award. The extra effort on Dr. Dolittle's part is much appreciated. This is one I won't soon forget!"
  • "had major fun looking at all the favorite pictures from movies and listening to quotes from them too. But wait then we had to figure out what the actress, actor or picture was....do a little math and go find our actor cache, actress cache and picture cache to get the final----"OSCAR". Plus what a wonderful game to play just before the Oscar party really was. We didn't know how much we did and didn't know about the movies we saw."
  • "This cache is outstanding in so many ways. From beginning to end, there is excitement in every twist, turn and detail. The three puzzle caches leading up to the final were engaging and fun. At least one of the hides was clever and devious. The park where the hides are located is just a gem of a park with beautiful walking trails and a tower lookout area complete with telescopes. The final itself is breathtaking. Even the logs add a definite element of fun to an already engaging series. The owner put a lot of time, effort, ingenuity, and energy into this cache for which he should definitely be awarded his own honor."
  • "The caches to solve this one were fun. the hike through the park was enjoyable and the location and container at the final were amazing! I'm watching this one just to read the incredible acceptance speeches - a marvelous end to a GR8 cache series."
  • "Made me realize how much I didn't know. Got to spend many enjoyable hours researching the shows. And most of all, the cache owner replied promptly with help when I got stuck."

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