WGA Cache of the Month

Cache of the Month Winner - April 2009

Old West Shootouts: BOOT HILL (FINAL)

Comments on this choice:

  • "Simply put - Outstanding! This is by far the best cache and the best series I've done in a long long time. The work, effort and locations this series took me to were fabulous. As I worked my way through the series I couldn't help but think of the effort and planning this took. Every gun fighter and location were well placed, thoughtful and the coords were right on. Cudos"
  • "thewickey7 (Jack) has put out a lot of great caches. This one I feel is even better than his last series "Military History". One of the best series I've ever done!"
  • "This was the perfect way to celebrate April First. I got to ride roughshod throughout the Wild West (as well as south, north, and east) all in one day. I met an interesting rogue's gallery of menacing desperadoes and visited an array of fascinating locales. To add the cherry to the sundae, I got to fabricate 13 April Fool's logs describing my exploits. It was this cacher's dream day."
  • "This is a great history lesson from the old west. All the names I had heard before, but know I have a better appreciation for the characters. Thanks for the adventure!"
  • "The whole series was a hoot!!! Thanks for all the hard work and planning you put into the caches!!!"

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