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    We are thinking about taking a road trip next summer (2014) and drive to Alaska. Has anyone diven to Alaska?



    I’ve been there quite a few times, but never driven. Oddly enough, both of my sets of grandparents drove it…twice!

    I could give some tips on what to do once you get there, but not much on the way up.



    Hi! We drove there in 2000 all the way to the Artic Circle. We did it over a 30 day vacation and just 120 miles less than 10,000 miles for the whole trip. I remember we spent under $1900 dollars on fuel for the whole trip, and had 5 flats. 3 of the flats happened in between the Yukon River and the Atric Circle portion of the trip. No matter what you drive up there have at least a 4 ply tire or preferably more. The gravel roads are very nice and quite smooth and well maintained, but with all the grading to keep them that way it turns up the very sharp edges on the gravel they are build with.
    Get yourselves a MILE POST book for the trip to Alaska. Get a NEW one, cause they are upgraded each year. Things close, new ones open, new constuctions take places, and loads and loads of ALL sort of information about everything and anything in this book, it is a MUST so you don’t miss anything!!! You will be able to plan your intire trip and route and time with this one book.
    We took a handicap type van, and camped right in it the whole trip. We were able to get showers every where we camped, except the Artic Circle. We had planned 2 to 3 nights each week for a hotel stay, but never did and used that saved spending for extra meals at nice diners.
    Hope you have a GREAT TRIP! and get yourself a MILE POST book.



    As previous poster noted…. A “Milepost” book is a must. It will help with your planning immensely.


    Timberline Echoes

    We hope o go in 2014.

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