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    While in Florida, the L’il Otter was interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel at a Geocaching Get Together.

    The story can be found at:



    Very nice article, but I cringed when the author said some caches are buried. But then again, some are. While in Florida this past fall, there were some near my hotel, but all were buried in the sand on beaches and sand bars. Guess they don’t have the beach groomers to worry about. If anyone were to use this otherwise great article, I’d mention the Florida sand thing so they don’t think we are burying caches up here too.

    Steve Bukosky


    Wish he’d have quoted me properly.. but he’s a guy and did fix on the numbers. (grins).. I tried explaining to him how safe it was for me to go solo thanks to other geocachers setting up caches in safe spots that cater to families (smiles) ..

    Also the reason I didn’t give him my full name is because of online safety.. anyone then could go to the caching site and note my home location.. instantly finding my address..

    Told him as well that I am glad for geocaching because I’d have been just sitting on the beach like last Florida vacation (grins)..

    Men.. go figure (smiles)

    But all in all.. I was the perfect lead in after his words ‘addictive’ (grins)

    ~The Lil Otter
    (liberated.. not addicted)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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