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    Greetings all!

    My first post here… My name is Matt and I am a teacher in the Clintonville area and have been doing caching off and on for a few years now. Just got back into it recently with my GF’s son and have been enjoying a nice Summer of caching. One thing that has kinda gotten under my skin is the number of caches near me (Appleton, Oshkosh, Clintonville, Shawano) that have trackable items listed but upon finding them there is nothing….

    How is the best way to handle this?

    I don’t specifically hunt caches for trackables…I just see those as added frosting on a already sweet cake… but it does slighlty alarm me how many are missing here and there….

    Generally, I will leave a note in the log when I find one missing and leave a note in the trackable as well.

    Anyway, don’t want to be all negative :P Just wanted to say hello and find out what others do in this case :)

    Have fun!

    Matt (Cujo31)



    If it’s the truth, it isn’t negative!

    You have just joined the club of head-shakers and head-scratchers that wonder why trackables are stolen. It is one of the disappointments of geocaching. And cache owners can’t always be checking there caches daily to see if the trackables that are listed are PHYSICALLY there, so they take other cachers words on whether a TB is there.
    I posted 1 missing yesterday after it was mentioned in an online log. Some cachers don’t log there trackable movements because of ignorance or newness to the game and lack of information on HOW to log it. Or they think it is swag for the taking!
    Your only consolation is that it wasn’t your trackable that was swiped! Sorry if you rushed to the cache to see a beautuful coin that is now in someone’s private stash… :(

    But thanks for posting, Cujo31, and welcome back to the hunt! :D



    I read your post in the WGA forums about missing trackables. I basically do the same thing you do. Quite a few of those things go missing…unfortunately. I have a number of my own that have gone missing…sometimes they reappear…sometimes they end up in somebody’s “collection”…sometimes they get lost…sometimes somebody just forgets to log them, which is the best of the worst case scenario…etc. There are thieves out there that collect geocoins….you’ll find them for sale on e-bay. Some owners drill them to make them worthless. Travel bugs are less frequently stolen, but ones that have eye-catching items attached to them will go missing more often than those with something ugly or nondescript attached to them. It’s a shame because the concept is an interesting one. I don’t put my current geocoins in caches anymore. I take them with me to events for other cachers to look at and log…so sad.
    But welcome to geocaching…glad you’re making an active effort to keep those trackables moving. Hope you can get up to the Oconto area some day…we’ve got some great caches around the area :D




    It’s not the first time that things were not where they were supposed to be… and I have gotten past the dissapointment… Just wondered if me posting was the correct solution in the cache logs… and worried that maybe it was just a problem in this area….

    I must admit that I have been putting together a theme cache that I would like to hide in the Clintonville area… but I worry that the trackables I would put in it or even the container itself might go AWOL. I started it almost a year and a half ago… and still haven’t placed it yet… hoping for a good spot or idea area to place it…

    My first travel bug:

    Perhaps… it is merely a version of Live and Learn :P






    Thanks for the invitation… would love to come up to Oconto and do some caching at some point! And I agree with you that it is sad that coins get “collected” by some… I just found a interesting alternate the other day in a cache that I found… the item was a round piece of wood that the owner had attached photocopies of his coin to… Much larger than a regular coin. I suppose it was his way of keeping his “real” coin but still letting his coin go out and travel. Neat concept… but think the real coin would have been much prettier to see…

    …..and I have read the posts on about the uglier a TB is the better it travels… Don’t want to have to make mine hideous to get it move a few miles :P

    Thanks for the insight!

    Matt (Cujo31)


    gotta run

    @Cujo31 wrote:

    Generally, I will leave a note in the log when I find one missing and leave a note in the trackable as well.

    Leaving a note in both is the best way to go. The cache owner can then log the bug as missing if it is likely gone (i.e., dropped in a long time ago with many subsequent cache finders). Also, as a bug owner, it’s helpful to be alerted of this information, which saves the trouble of having to search through logs when doing a periodic bug check-up.

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for being concerned about these types of things.

    On the Left Side of the Road...


    Notes have been posted….

    Spent some time doing that tonight….

    Put together a lil caching website for myself…

    My Webpage

    And got all packed up….

    Me and GF are off to Tenn./ N. carolina for a week

    See all of you when we get back :)


    The Happy Hodag!

    The best case scenario in my mind is that another cacher came along and picked it up and will log it when they get the chance, or my eyes just missed it. However, I know better, and in a lot of cases, they are missing. I’ve had something like this happen to me already in one of my caches, and after several logs of not finding the TB in question, I went and checked. The TB was gone, so I had no choice but to mark it as missing. Hopefully, it turns up again because I had heard it was a beautiful TB.

    -The Happy Hodag!

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