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    Trekkin and Birdin
    Trekkin and Birdin

    We’ve been using a hand me down Palm for about a year now. It’s been just fine, but……

    With WhereIGo caches starting to show up closer to home, it would be nice to have the capability to hunt those, which we don’t with our GPS units. We aren’t ready to upgrade those.

    So, if I’m used to working with the Palm format and GSAK, what would be my best but least expensive option? Thanks for your input.

    Oh, if the screen has a backlight option, that would be pretty cool, but isn’t necessary.



    If you look at my thread regarding Linux or Vista both Korpl and Averith chimed in on some solutions and we are looking at a Netbook, which are basically mini laptops. If you go to a site like Newegg.com and search netbook they have many options. Not sure if this is what you are looking for but let me know if it is, I am ordering 1 tomorrow.



    No idea if either of you will see this or be there tomorrow, but I will try to remember to bring my netbook. I tether it to my blackberry and can get internet anywere. It has built in wireless if there is an open AP near. No idea if you will see this before tomorrow, but pretty sure i saw trekkin and birdin were going to be there. My netbook was like 279 on newegg.

    Trekkin and Birdin
    Trekkin and Birdin

    I’m basically wanting to replace our Palm. I know such a thing exists, cause that’s what k0rpl used when we did the WhereIGo in Indiana.
    Something I can throw in my pocket while caching, like the old Palm I’m using now. If we were to get any higher tech than that, I think Trekkin’ would have apoplexy!



    One thing to remember – most cachers in WI seem to have Palms. So if you want info beamed to you for some reason, you will need a Palm also.

    Go to IN, and you will need a Pocket PC.



    Gwyn, see my post over here about Pocket PCs. I would go with CacheMate on the Pocket PC, since I assume that is what you are using on the Palm so you’d be used to the interface.

    As for particular models, you need something running Windows Mobile 2003 or later plus a GPS device (either built in to the unit or an external card / add-on) to use Wherigo. Here is a list of known verified hardware:


    If you could find an older Garmin iQue you’d be set. Or if you have big $$$, a new Pharos Traveler would work (also has an integrated GPS receiver that is supposedly on par with Garmin 60Cx). http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000XWZO9M

    All Pocket PCs have a color LCD screen that is “backlit” (same as a laptop screen). Now some of these may be difficult to read in bright sunlight…




    I use a HP RX3715 I have also used a Dell Axim X50V. The Axim runs Windows Mobile 5.0, and the HP Runs Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. The RX3715 also has a built in Camera for earthcache Pictures!

    I started paperless with Palm, and and very glad I made the switch to PocketPC… So many Free programs to use.

    And the Whereigo is starting to come around.

    If you have any other questions, just shoot me a message.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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