About Us

You may be wondering who the Wisconsin Geocaching Association is and what this organization is all about.

We are a group of fun-loving, enthusiastic, outdoor-minded people who like to geocache and we want to help others do the same. Some of us have been geocaching for a couple of years. However we believe that even if you’re brand new to geocaching you have just as much right to participate as anyone else. If you are new, please read the Hiding A Cache page to learn some valuable insights about this sport.

Our purpose is to plan geocaching events in Wisconsin that are open to everyone who wishes to sign up and participate. In turn, the events we plan are designed for:

  • Meeting people
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Having fun!

We also support the sport of geocaching in Wisconsin. We are currently working with the Wisconsin DNR to develop a statewide geocaching policy for Wisconsin state parks. Our hope is that this policy will become a model for all parks — state, county, and municipal — in Wisconsin. We welcome your input and involvement. If you would like to volunteer to help with an activity or upcoming event, please let us know.

Our first organized event was the SE Wisconsin Geocachers Picnic and Hunt held August 26, 2001 at Pike Lake State Park. It was such a success we decided to continue to organize more events. We also decided not to limit involvement to just southeast Wisconsin. That’s why we chose the name Wisconsin Geocaching Association, so we can represent the entire state.

During the planning for events in 2002, we established this web site as a resource for Wisconsin geocachers. Now, if geocaching.com goes off-line or if Jeremy Irish decides he’s had enough and calls it quits, you still have a way to stay in touch with other Wisconsin geocachers.

In March of 2003 the founders of the WGA formalized the association by adopting bylaws and forming the first board. To create continuity, seven of us agreed to serve on the original board of directors. The bylaws call for a total of nine board members. Each year, approximately half the board positions are up for election. See Article VII in the WGA bylaws for details about elections.

How You Can Join

It’s easy to join the Wisconsin Geocaching Association. All you have to do is register as a user of this website, and then provide some personal information to verify that you meet our membership requirements (full details on membership requirements can be found on our Membership Info page). Once you are registered as a member, please visit the WGA website frequently, start participating in the discussion forums, and if you can, attend the WGA events.

Help Spread The Word

If you are already a WGA member, we’d appreciate your help “spreading the word” about the Association to other Wisconsin geocachers you interact with. Also, please consider placing a WGA banner image and link to the WGA website on your cache pages. It’s easy! You can get the HTML code by visiting the Cache Page Banners page.

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