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Author Message
WGA Member

Joined: 2002-07-12
Posts: 2792
Location: New Berlin, WI

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:36 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Do you have what it takes to be an effective Board Of Directors member for the WGA?

If you are going to be on the BOD, it will require a little bit of work all of the time. The main way the BOD members communicate is with a private forum here on the WGA site. An effective BOD member will read all new posts on that BOD forum, at least 5 to 7 times a week. As a BOD member you will be forced to have an opinion on things maybe you don't care about. You will need to stand up for what you think is best for the organization, even if the eight other people involved disagree. You will have to take criticism for decisions the BOD makes, even if you didn't agree in the first place.

Sometimes, being on the BOD is a LOT of work and a substantial time commitment, especially before/during/after WGA events. All BOD members are expected to be in attendance for WGA events. As a BOD member, you are expected to work at least for part of those events. Will you be happy with getting only 3 hours of caching time for the entire campout weekend? Will you be happy with only being able to see just a small part of the event location? Do you mind loading full, sopping wet garbage bags in the back of your van to take them out of the park? How do you feel about using some of your house or garage to store some of the WGA's stuff?

Every single nit-picky detail of a WGA event needs to be taken care of, and believe me, you will be surprised as to how many little (and big) tasks there actually are.

Do you have some good ideas for the WGA? Are you too shy to bring them up? Will you get discouraged quickly if you don't get immediate buy-in from the other BOD members? Do you have the desire to champion an idea and work it all the way through to the end? I can tell you from my years on this BOD that if an idea doesn't have a "driving force" behind it, it will simply fall through the cracks and nothing will ever be done with it.

I know, geocaching is simply a hobby, and that we all have "day jobs" & family that have to take priority. However, do you have enough time left over in your life to dedicate to this organization? Does your job frequently take you out of town, or does it consume most of your weekends?

Do you have some money? No, really, this is a serious question. Some of the WGA events WILL be quite a drive from where you live. Remember when gas was more than $4.00/gal? You will also need to pay for your camping/hotel/park admission at the WGA events too. BOD members do NOT get to stay free, sorry. There are times when you may need to purchase something on behalf of the WGA. Repayment is always done promptly (receipts required), but often can take a couple of weeks, sometimes longer.

Being on the BOD gives you a chance to give back to the geocaching community in a real and lasting way. You will have the opportunity to guide the direction of this organization. You will get to meet more of our membership than you ever have in the past (just sign up to work the registration table).

Candidates, you don't have to comment on this topic if you don't want to. What I do ask you to do is give the things mentioned above some serious thought. Respectfully I ask, if you don't think you have what it takes, please leave it to somebody who does. I would like to see this upcoming BOD be best and most active we have ever had. Remember, if you are elected, you will be expected to serve for the entire 2 years of the term.

Good luck to all candidates!
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WGA Member

Joined: 2008-04-12
Posts: 1928
Location: The Grassy Knoll, WI

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:01 am Reply with quote Back to top

Thank you for reminding us of the commitment it takes to be on the board.

This has been something I've been pondering since I found out someone nominated me. At this point, all I can say is, if I come to the conclusion that I won't be able to handle the position effectively for the entire term I will withdraw my candidacy.

I appreciate the insight, and would definitely consider any more tidbits you may pass along.

There is no point in driving yourself mad trying to stop yourself going mad. You might just as well give in and save your sanity for later.

What\'s life? Life\'s easy. A quirk of matter. Nature\'s way of keeping meat fresh 
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WGA Member

Joined: 2008-08-14
Posts: 5450
Location: Rosendale WI

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:42 am Reply with quote Back to top

Thank you for your expectations of an elected Board Member!

Since alot of the communication is technology based, it cuts down on the expected mileage of the BOD. While we are expected to attend WGA sponsored Events, we also have the right to (in the event that we cannot attend) send a proxy with another Board Member.

Restructuring the WGA into districts would ease the expectations of having to attend EVERY WGA sponsored Event. The Board decides on how many mandatory meetings the BOD should physically attend each year.
The sharing of information can be done on a daily basis in the Forums, thus reducing the amount of physical meetings/year.

I will be happy to attend as many WGA sonsored Events as possible, as well as member hosted Events. Whether or not I seek cache hides on an Event day is a non-issue. There are plenty of other days in the year to cache!

Thank you for service on the WGA BOD. If elected, I look forward to your input and experience as a past Board Member!
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WGA Member

Joined: 2007-06-12
Posts: 4538
Location: Appleton, WI

PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:12 pm Reply with quote Back to top

This would be the only type of post or question I could contribute to the candidates corner and Buy_the_tie has already offered up this posting which sums it all up! A very familiar posting that I too took to heart just 2 years ago.

I know this is not the place to speak if you're not running but I'd like to just add something coming from a parting board member who has experienced being on the board just as "Tie" has. If someone want's to delete my post so be it Smile

Jim... when you note the following:

Thank you for your expectations of an elected Board Member!

It's not just his expectations. I also ask each of the candidates to please place these expectations on YOURSELVES when volunteering on the board of the WGA. I took these same words to heart when I volunteered to be on the board and never forgot them.

It's not about attending WGA events. It's about running them. Putting in hard work while others are attending and having fun. It's about actually being there from start to finish. Offering to bring things. Be there early. Sweep the floor. Do the heavy lifting.

Attendees will take and take and give little. They will complain that the freebies aren't good enough. The food is cold. The "games" or prizes are unfair. They will have ideas on how it could have been better but not actually volunteer to help make things better. Other board members will stay home and not help out because it's too far or they are too busy. Be prepared to be disappointed in others and how volunteerism really works. These are the realities.

Please give it all you got. These events and this group need everything you can give plus more. Without volunteers this group is nothing. There are no events or website without those who help out for no pay and very few thanks. It will be a thankless job that does consume your free time if you put into it what you should.

Seeing this group running is the reward.

Cherish the good logs, the smiles, the thanks during CITO cleanups from strangers, the friendships, seeing new places as you travel to the events. Those are your "pay" for being on the WGA board.

Thanks for volunteering to help out this great group and I wish you all good luck on the election.
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WGA Member

Joined: 2008-08-14
Posts: 5450
Location: Rosendale WI

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:16 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Sorry for the way you feel on some of your points, Shane.

If I am asked to TAKE CHARGE of a WGA Event, I will decline. It means I'm expected to do almost everything. That deos not fit the definition of a BOD, in my opinion.
If I'm asked to ORGANIZE a WGA Event, that is a whole different matter! Now I get to ask questions of, and apply the talents of, the member volunteers. I get to organize the resources ahead of time, exchange info with the committee members for this Event, and expect MYSELF to say "Thank you" to them, since I can't control what others say.
The whole point of ORGANIZING an Event is to make sure it can function IF I CANNOT ATTEND! Family emergencies, health problems, name it! These are more important than attending an Event. If the Event cannot take place because I'm not there, I did a pretty poor job. And I most definitely don't deserve thanks.

I believe that in the infancy of the WGA, the BODs DID take on alot of the responsibilities of WGA Events. The templates are set; the membership has grown. It's time for the Board to expect it's membership to run it's Association, with the support of the elected BODs as mentors and advisors.

I sense that a shift IS coming in the BOD responsibilities. It will be more of a financial decision group, as well as an ethics determining body. In the last few years, the talents that have shown up in the sub-committees have exhibited to the BOD that they can TRUST the Membership to do the job that they have volunteered for.

And to those members that have given of your time and talent on those committees...

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WGA Member

Joined: 2007-06-12
Posts: 4538
Location: Appleton, WI

PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:42 am Reply with quote Back to top

JimandLinda wrote:
If I am asked to TAKE CHARGE of a WGA Event, I will decline. It means I'm expected to do almost everything. That deos not fit the definition of a BOD, in my opinion.

I've seen some events work very well with committee involvement and many volunteers. I've seen others fail miserably and need the bod to stay afloat.

We're getting better at committees, I'll give you that much.

If people say they are going to help and don't show up, who will help make the event a success? Will each of you take it upon yourself and step up? Will you take responsibility or let someone else?

Thanks for listening...
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