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Author Message
WGA Member

Joined: 2003-06-09
Posts: 100
Location: Verona, WI

PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2005 8:02 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Do you remember your 83rd cache, your 227th cache, how about your 543rd?

I have often wondered as I see cachers get so caught up in the numbers, do they even remember the caches that they did hundreds of caches ago? Did they take that extra .5 mile hike past the cache to see that waterfall? Did they really get out of the cache what the cache owner had intended or what I believe that this game was created to do? To bring me to places that I never would have went on my own and that I will never forget.

I love to reminisce about my past caches; the land, the sights, the people, etc.

As I walked 'Can You Par Frey's Glen' today for my 543 cache after caching for just about three years, I could not help but wonder this question again as I walked past the answer to the cache to get the full experience and reward that cache owner had suggested. If I had been in a hurry to get that next number, would I had taken the time?

So ask yourself, do you really take the time to fully take in all the caches that you do, so months, years from now you could rememeber them? or are they just another number in the numbers game?

This post in no way is critizing the quest for numbers. I think that has clearly been debated before. I totally believe this game is what you want to make it. As long as people the find the caches and log the caches is an honest manner, I could care less. I am just curious what people actually take away from each cache experience when caches are being found at such a high rate.

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Team Honeybunnies
WGA Member

Joined: 2005-05-03
Posts: 1029
Location: Stevens Point,WI

PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2005 9:42 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Every cache we've done is another place we've been. Not everyone will take away the same experience, but I like to think that instead of having the blinders on, I'm having more chances to be out in the beautiful world I live in. If the experience gets you out there, great. If the numbers get you out there, great. The game is different things to different people, but we all share the same logs.
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Green Bay Paddlers
WGA Member

Joined: 2003-10-12
Posts: 346
Location: Green Bay, WI

PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2005 9:57 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Yeah, I really think the beauty of the hobby is the fact that we've seen so many amazing things along the way. There are so many places that we would have never known about had we not gone looking for a geocache in that area.

Good stuff. The funny thing is, if you asked me right now how many caches we've done - I couldn't tell you if I tried. I have no idea.

Agreed though that the hobby is different things to different people. Heck, just the classification alone is different. I call it hobby. Others have called it a game or a sport. I've noticed that there is a competitive switch in many people that they simply have no control over. I used to roll my eyes at that. Now I simply shrug my shoulders! LOL

Great point though - it is important for us to remember the journey!
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Trudy and the beast
WGA Member

Joined: 2002-07-26
Posts: 2375
Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 3:13 am Reply with quote Back to top

This is a great question. Our numbers have been growing at a fair rate and I wonder if we are spending enough time to get full benefit of every cache. Time is a limited resource for us and the number of caches is growing so rapidly we know we will never be able to visit all of the caches within an hour's drive. Every one of them offers a fresh look at places we have been before. So, even as we pump the rate of finds up, we are still seeing things we had never seen before, often in places we had been before.

Are we remembering the places we have been? I read through the list of 1400+ caches we have visited in the past three years and was amazed by the detail that I could remember. Trudy, isn't as good in remembering these as she is in remembering the conversations along the way. I always take care in what and how I say things now. This weekend we visited a couple of recycled locations and now have the opportunity to recall the locations for a greater number of reasons. We are also starting to grow our knowledge of where these spots are in relationship to others. This has never been a problem around home, but now the multiple visits to Waukesha County have increased my familiarity with that area. I have grown my environs, much like adding a room onto the house.

Are we moving too fast? My body says yes, my mind says no. Oh so many caches, and so little time. ~tb
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WGA Member

Joined: 2004-05-28
Posts: 1440
Location: Ozaukee County

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 8:26 am Reply with quote Back to top

Good guestion to ask ... I agree that no one is right or wrong in "numbers" vs. "fond memories" ... it's just interesting discussion.

Our family is at the point where we ONLY look for caches for the "experience" we'll get from it ... either an interesting place to check out and/or make it a group outting with other geo-friends and/or take out a family to experience it for the first time. Thanks goodness there are so many caches in our area (and we're slow enough) that we have plenty to choose from, to match the experience we want at any give time.

However, I am very itchy to get out and cache again ... I've been "shut down" for a couple weeks ... using all my spare time to check on my dad, while my mom is still recovering from rolling her van. At the same time, I think I'd be freaking out right now, if in our case, it was about numbers to any degree.

I should add (and just did) ... that those with big numbers, in some cases, may not spend as long enjoy an area as we do ... but they do have the advantage of see so many more places than we do ... so I doubt that they're lacking for memories from their experiences.

[This message has been edited by EnergySaver (edited 10-09-2005).]
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WGA Member

Joined: 2004-03-31
Posts: 487
Location: Hales Corners, WI, United States

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 10:59 am Reply with quote Back to top

i don't have the kind of memory to even tell you about a cache i did last week, like some of my geofriends, who can tell you the placement and type of containers they did a year ago. but we did use geocaching to plan our trip to hawaii this year, just to see some out of the way places that the normal tourist never sees. when we travel, we plan geocaches to break up the trip, and get to see a little of the area we are drivng thru, instead of just getting toa destination. and then there are the parks near home that while we don't always go back to visit them, now i know they are there.
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WGA Member

Joined: 2005-07-24
Posts: 639
Location: New glarus, WI

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 12:26 pm Reply with quote Back to top

for me it's about the place the cache brings me. i remember every cache i've been at, the sights smells, how wet & muddy i got, even the food i ate afterward. for me this is what it all about. BUT i will say for others it seems it is about the numbers, here is two examples.
i placed two caches in one park(now archived) one was 75ft from parking, the other 500ft. the one that was closer got twice the visitors. another example is to look at any multi cache, these rarely get logged in comparison to regular caches. it is sad that more people don't take the time to enjoy a good multi, it makes you explore much more of an area and see places you would have probably missed if the cache would have been a regular one. I am not trying to fuel a flame with my post, this is just an observation.
for me numbers are the side effect of all the long hikes i took, thorns ive walked through, and places i've been. caching has shown me some really cool places i probably would have missed if not for the cache placement.
here is an example of a place caching took me that i would have drove right by and missed, probably thinking as i drove by "this town sucks theres nothing to see here!" (GCQ759).

[This message has been edited by hogrod (edited 10-09-2005).]
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WGA Friend

Joined: 2005-09-07
Posts: 58

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 7:07 pm Reply with quote Back to top


Is less really more, or more less, or more- well- more? We've only been keeping track of caches for a few months on the site though we did a few two or three years ago and just signed paper logs. I will say this, as a newcomer to this place I found/find it odd that the congratulations page is filled with "topped 500", "reached 1000", and so forth. It would seem to me, and it has been my experience, that finding a cache takes about 1/10 the work, trouble, and expense of placing one. I would think the congratulations would belong as much or more to those doing the placing rather than the finding?

We have really enjoyed the last few months of geocaching. I was asked to do a presentation for the local scout district on geocaching and GPS. I don't think I'm any expert but the folks in charge knew my family had been geocaching and asked me. So I did it. I put together a 60 slide PowerPoint presentation and added a slide of the family at sunset in the kayaks with the chinese proverb, "The journey is the reward". That really sums up our exerience so far. The tupperware was the reason we arrived, but not the reward.

Oh, I had some great feedback on the presentation. One older gentleman walked up afterward and told me it was his job to travel the state attending different district meetings. He told me it was the most interesting presentation he could remember. He was amazed with geocaching. Another guy, who had given me all the reasons a GPS was inferior to a compass before the presentation and laughed at my "high tech" set-up and the idea of geocaching walked up at the end and told me it was a fantastic presentation- and that he now wanted a GPSr for Christmas.
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Joined: 2003-09-10
Posts: 1263
Location: Bristol WI

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 7:47 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Great work Forefeathers!

Any chance you would be willing to share your ppt with us? Some may make good use of it in their own presentations. I would be willing to host it and provide a link our members could download it from. If you are willing, please do e-mail me.

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WGA Member

Joined: 2004-01-28
Posts: 2631
Location: Little Chute

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 8:35 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Even though I like seeing the numbers, there is much more than that involved.

I remember most of the caches I have been to. I especially remember the really good ones. I remember the ones that take me to new places. I remember the country roads I drive down to get to them. I remember the good company I had visiting (or revisiting) some of the caches.

[This message has been edited by marc_54140 (edited 10-09-2005).]
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WGA Friend

Joined: 2005-09-07
Posts: 58

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 9:04 am Reply with quote Back to top

Any chance you would be willing to share your ppt with us?

The presentation I set up was specific to scouting in many ways and included many photos of my family. Parts of it also came directly off of so I don't know how that would work? However, when I find some time I could work up a more generic version and send it to you. I put a good number of hours into it and perhaps it could save someone a lot of time to use it as a base from which to create their own.
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Timberline Echoes
WGA Member

Joined: 2004-07-25
Posts: 2085
Location: Eagle River, WI, USA

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 9:34 am Reply with quote Back to top

We really enjoy the journey while caching. The process of getting there and spending time together is just as much a part of caching as finding the cache to us. We took pictures of the first 1000 caches, created journal pages and made scrapbooks for those. We look at and share those frequently. We have decided to not take pictures of every cache for the second 1000 but we are still keeping a log on the printed cache page with info to help us remember the visit. We still carry the camera and take pictures of the beautiful things we see, especially wildlife and moving water. Caching like any other parts of our journey of life is remembered in moments not numbers. We also would like to echo the statement that one of the great things about geocaching is that it can be to each person what they want it to be.
Timberline Echoes

[This message has been edited by Timberline Echoes (edited 10-10-2005).]
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The Lil Otter
WGA Member

Joined: 2002-07-05
Posts: 419
Location: Near WI Dells, WI, USA

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 1:28 pm Reply with quote Back to top

What a great question, Wooden_Nickel

I was just over at my geocaching website thinking of updating my finds for 2005's campout (back in May) and realized that as I scanned over each of my caches that I could relive so many. Geocaching gave me and my imagination a chance to explore and and see so many amazing spots.

I believe that my highest finds in one day just bumped 50.. grouped with BruceS (he was the top male soloist when I was the top female soloist) and we were at a Chicago event so decided to team up for a few days. At the time I met him, he seems very focused on the total counts he gained each day.. it confused me why he'd put a daily "find goal" on himself. We had the same "HIKING" style so no one lagged behind.. but I felt awkward on any delays/detours.. so after the two days I finally called it quits and told him I needed to get out of the city and find "trails" etc again. He mistook my "get me the H***" out of here" and actually drove his auto from downtown Chicago (as I followed in mine) to Wisconsin's stateline wayside...(giggles) I've always lived by my motto of when it stops being fun.. Stop.. take a break.. yet it was the first time that he/I both realized that caching styles can ruin another's enjoyment/journey..

Being a soloist.. I can take as long as I wish at any cache site... and it's always been the LOCATION that draws me there and lingers in my memories. I've seen so many creative hiding styles but they are wasted if there's nothing there besides the "hide".. You have to remember.. that when I was in FULL STRIDE in this sport.. that caches were far and few between.. that those that chose to hide a container.. actually wanted to show off a special spot.. so it's easy to REMEMBER most caches that I went to... I might not remember the name of the cache.. but after a few minutes of chatting I can put myself back at that spot and remember the Location or the reason behind the hide there.

I'm hiking alot lately seeking out Indian Mounds and Indian trail marker trees.. in a few natural areas.. knowing full well that a cache can't be placed there.. but yet totally enjoying the "feel" of how geocaching used to be.. the discovery.. I'm frustrated as heck about Cranberry Creek Natural area but will be teaming up with another geocacher (Cachew) to scout out more of the area to finally locate these mounds. It seems that the 3+hrs I spent combing the 675 acres I slipped between the two main mound groups.. (giggles) Perhaps if we have time.. we'll take in the few caches in the Juneau county area that we yet both can find.

JThorson also peaked my interest in telling me of another geocache called " Nitschke Mounds by circuitprotector " GCPM7C where there were so MANY mounds in a natural setting.. YET ALL the recent logs done seem to only be in a rush to log and not share how amazing this site is historically. I am one of ONLY two watching that cache.. what a shame..

But perhaps this is what geocaching has become.. numbers.. but let's hope that those that are on other missions.. still get to experience AMAZING or fun spots that stay with them.

I have been back to caches such as Lone Rock Cache(5 times so far) Breakneck Cache (4 times so far)and Can you Par Frey's Glen? cache (3 times so far) etc because they are meant to be shared.. but they are logged so far and few between because of the easy caching clusters that draw so many to other areas..

As far as answering your question..
YES I remember my 83rd..

83 GC362D 7/10/02 Mr. Elver's Cache - WI (took me 6 hrs)

227 GC6B6D 8/6/02 The Shocking Truth About Henry - WI
I can remember every moment of that adventure

and my 543rd..
543 GC9178 11/11/02 Glow In The Dark - WI
With only 40 some caches left in WI for me to find I headed out of state and I ended a 10 day - 6 State (100 caches found) trip at this cache with meeting up with my geobuddy JThorson before driving 3hrs back home.

WHO wouldn't remember THOSE special caches..
I think the only time my "found" caches get a bit mirky is at temp event caches.. because I was always teaming up with fun groups and not making the "find" the top priority.

I have been asked a few times if I gave up caching because my NUMBERS don't raise.. NOT AT ALL.. I just do it a bit different now.

~The Lil Otter

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WGA Member

Joined: 2004-09-19
Posts: 473

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 11:35 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Do I remember what cache was number 10, number 50? No, but I can tell you I remeber very well, hitting my head on the bridge trying to find one of the State of Minds. I remember the crashed car from yet another State of Mind... in fact I was planning on taking my nephews to that location even after the cache was gone, but the weeds were way over their heads. And who can ever forget that I was stuck up to my knee in a bog up in Green Bay! Yes, it was messy but probably the best fun I've had! If it wasn't for "Don't Trust Me on a Balance Beam" (Thanks Beast for giving him his name), I would probably still be there in the bog. For me, it is not the numbers... it is seeing my nephews' faces as we came out of the woods unable to find a cache and be within five feet of two little fawns... a few yards later, they saw a snake cross the path and just a few feet from the car... a toad. It was the best cache they never found!!!!
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Bushwhacking Queen
WGA Member

Joined: 2004-09-30
Posts: 463
Location: West Bend, WI, USA

PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 8:00 am Reply with quote Back to top

That is a great question and I'm glad you mentioned what I've been saying for a while: caching is different things to different people.

My first year was an incredible first year...truly an addiciton. I don't make a point to remember where a cache falls on my number count (except each 100 milestone) but I do remember the memorable caches.

When I first started caching the caches that were available were longer hikes. I have seen that over the past year the caches themselves have changed. Instead of longer hikes there are a lot more drive-ups. Some of those drive-ups are purely number increasers, others are challenging and makes you use your head (such as GCNPBF). Is that wrong? I say: NO. Sometimes it is nice to have an easy find if you've been having a hard time finding a cache; it would be a confidence builder. [ Image]

We are truly blessed with the right of free will. As cachers we have the choice of longer hikes, quick drive-ups, or a combination of both.

I don't remember every cache because let's be honest, some seem to be just thrown out there. But I remember the great ones!

I may not remember all 70 caches that I found at the Campout up North, but I sure as heck remember the weekend, the kids' stamina, the bonding with friends, the fun, and the challenge.

I may not remember every cache I found a week ago, a month ago, six months ago, or a year ago, but I remember the opportunity for solitude, meditation, reflection, friendships (new and old), and health benefits from the activity.

Thanks for asking the question and not faulting people for their choice of how they chose to use geocaching in their lives.

Bushwhacking Queen [^]
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