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Author Message
Your WGA Board
WGA Friend

Joined: 2006-02-20
Posts: 12
Location: Wisconsin

PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 9:59 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Your WGA Board wishes to post the minutes to our 2006 Organizational Board Meeting. The following are the minutes as approved for publication.

WGA Board Meeting Minutes
February 19, 2006
Green Lake, Wisconsin

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. Location: The Heidel House Resort and Conference Center. Board President Brian Jansen presiding.

Members/guests present included:

  • Brian Geoffrey
  • Ray Handley
  • Brian Jansen
  • Jeff Little
  • Ruth Holliday
  • Jeff Rahmlow
  • William Pulvermacher
  • Becky Waldmann
  • Jeremy Vechinski (webmaster guest)
  • Alan Fiebig present during Webmaster presentation via teleconference.
    Quorum Present? Yes

    Absent from meeting:
  • John Carvin

    The meeting began with introductions, followed by a welcome to the newly elected board members. The board then elected officers. A motion was made and approved to elect the following officers for one-year terms:

    Jeff Rahmlow, president
    Brian Jansen, vice president
    William Pulvermacher, secretary
    Brian Geoffrey, treasurer

    At this point, Jeff R. took control of the remainder of the meeting as new President.

    Treasurer’s Report:

    Brian G. presented the Annual Treasurer’s Report for 2005 and the board accepted it. It was discussed and agreed that the report will be made available to the membership of the WGA. E-mails requesting a copy of the report should be sent to: treasurer at wi dash geocaching dot com.

    Old Business:

  • Membership Status: Discussion included cleaning up the current inaccuracies and how best to do so. It was determined that upon logging into the new website that people will have to re-sign and renew their membership. This should take care of expired memberships. Followed by verification e-mail. One board member will be in charge of “watching” new memberships to verify accuracy. Ray Handley is appointed the “Sergeant at Arms”.

  • Tax Status/Non-profit Status: The entire process of Non-Profit needs to be re-started. A list of preliminary questions for an attorney needs to be developed before moving ahead with filing of documents and meeting the attorney. (See Pro-bono attorney below)

  • Attorney: Jeff L. is acting liaison with an attorney who is willing to help us determine whether or not we need to file for this year. We need to meet with attorney by beginning of April.

  • WGA-Video: The board resolved to develop standardized sets of presentation materials (Videos, PowerPoint presentations, Brochures, Outlines, Banners, Stickers, etc.). The board wants to have the WGA ideals/key points presented in a consistent fashion. These items will help the WGA become more “public”. Brian J. suggests a forum for people interested in doing presentations, partially locked out until asking for a link. The idea of “certified presenters” was also talked about as well.

  • Loaner Equipment: Look into 6+/- reconditioned GPS? From factory? Compass, Palm Pilots… Carry Discussion into BOD Forum.

    New Business:

  • Webmasters Report: Jeremy reviews changes in new website.
    1. New forums Phpbb
    2. New chat system
    3. Avatars/New titles (member, friend, admins, founders, etc.)
    4. Spell Check
    5. Private Messages
    6. Attachments
    7. Deleted Threads Saved “forever”
    8. New Gallery Album
    9. COTM –Only one vote by user/changeable.
    10. Events/Calendar View/Preliminary
    11. WIKI pages
    12. Etc.

    There was discussion about our need for a new server and web hosting costs. Information was presented including an anonymous donation for the costs of the new server.

    CacheCows offered their services for server co-location at $30/ month. This is at a tremendous discount to market prices.

    A motion was made and seconded to accept both offers. This motion was tabled pending further discussion in the Forums.

    New website roll-out… Planned for June 1, 2006

    Brian G. demonstrates auto-generating temp waypoint manager spreadsheet.

  • Campout:
    Brian J. / Jeff R. -Co-chair campout
    Brian G. -All things technical
    Ruth H. Becky W. –Friday camping registration—Saturday Event registration
    Jeff L. –Pancake Breakfast
    John C. -T-shirts/Sweatshirts? /Long Sleeves?

    Increase Social aspects
    Look into upgraded nametags possibly for extra registration costs.
    Check with Alan about Friday night plans.
    Best decorated campsite contest? Other?

  • Proposed Bylaw Changes:
    (To be voted on by the board in forums. Must have 2/3 votes to pass.)

    Article XIII
    Modify last line to read: ”There shall be no distribution of WGA funds, property, or assets to it’s members except in support of the mission and activities of the WGA as determined by the Board of Directors”
    Add this sentence: "The fiscal year of the WGA will coincide with the calendar year."

    Article VI
    Retitle article to “General Membership Meetings”
    Also, throughout entire article replace any instance of the word “meetings” with “General Membership Meetings”.

    Article IV
    Insert at end of article: Board Meetings: The WGA Board shall meet in person at least once annually.”

    Article V
    Move line under Treasurer which reads: “Maintain a ledger describing WGA property” to Vice Presidents duties.

    Change line under Treasurer which reads:”Make an annual report to the members” to read “Make an annual financial report available to members.” and to strike line which reads “Make available financial records to the WGA for inspection and audit.”

  • Other items worth mention:
    The board through general consensus agreed to a minimum of three additional meetings this year; to be conducted via Chat/IM. The first will be held prior to May 1.

    The Board is looking into appointing Ken Braband as the WGA historian in an unofficial official way.

    We as a Board must come up with a budget this year to deal with our usual events, plus the reality of having to pay for a new server and co-location in the future.

    The Beast gave his thoughts and presentation on Adopt-a-Highway and geocaching license plates.

    Meeting adjourned at 5:02 p.m.
    Minutes submitted by Secretary, William Pulvermacher


    Your WGA Board,

    Jeff Rahmlow - President
    Brian Jansen - Vice President
    Bill Pulvermacher - Secretary
    Brian Geoffrey - Treasurer
    Jeff Little
    Becky Waldmann
    Ray Handley
    John Carvin
    Ruth Holliday
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