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Winner -
August 2014 Northern Zone:
WSQ Gordon Cemetery

Winner -
August 2014 Northeast Zone:
Trout Haven

Winner -
August 2014 West Central Zone:

Winner -
August 2014 South Central Zone:
Capitol Punishment

Winner -
August 2014 Southeast Zone:
Wisconsin Homestead - Emslie Farm

Winner -
August 2014 Series of the Month:
Classic Childrens Books

More Info >>>


The WGA Hauler

Click here to go view the entire listing on

WGA Hauler

The WGA Hauler's main mission is to haul our "stuff" to and from events all over the great state of Wisconsin. You can see this travel bug at many of the WGA sponsored events, including the Spring Campout, the Fall Picnic and the WGA regional events. It may make an appearence at other events as well. If you happen to see it on the highway, be sure to honk and wave!
Current Goal: To travel to WGA sponsored events and to promote The Wisconsin Geocaching Association. See the whole listing on

Recent Logs:


timberdoodlehunter1 Discovered It
Saw this tb during West Bends Cache Bash. Thank you for letting us discover it.


5A's Discovered It
found at cache bash


Stardust Dragon Discovered It
Discovered in West Bend. Thanks for sharing.


sweetbaboo88 Discovered It
Seen in West Bend. Thanks for sharing.


TWO4GEOFUN Discovered It
Discovered it at the 2014 Cash Bash


dadday09 Discovered It
Discovered after a great Pancake Breakfast by WGA at the 2014 West Bend Ca$h Bash.


I am so lost Discovered It
Jen found at Pancake Event


aacchek Discovered It
Discovered this trackable at the West Bend Ca$h Bash 2014. Thanks.


Jones_Crew Discovered It
Discovered at the West Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h 2014. I have a long list of trackables that I was able to discover. Sorry if I end up doing a double log. I have 10+ pages of trackables that I saw! If the log is deleted for multiples I certainly understand, please know that it wasn't done intentionally. Thanks- Happy hunting and safe travels!


ChicaGeoCaChauffeur Discovered It

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